At Some Point You’ve Made Enough: Fill in the Blank

Obama: “You’ve Made Enough Money”

President Obama says, “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.” This is one of those perfect setups that would be difficult to pass up without commenting. Here some responses found on the internet to the Presidents remark:

  • I think at some point the Government has printed enough money.
  • I do think at a certain point you’ve served enough days as President.
  • I do think at a certain point you’ve told enough lies.
  • I do think at some point you’ve got enough power.
  • I do think at a certain point that your welcome has expired.
  • I do think at a certain point the government has spent enough money.

The list of snappy retorts is far from complete, so here are some more I haven’t seen yet. At some point you’ve…

  • Broken enough campaign promises.
  • Divided the country enough.
  • Ignored the Constitution enough.
  • Spent enough on bailouts.
  • Borrowed enough money.
  • Created enough federal agencies.
  • Bullied enough countries.
  • Created enough regulations.
  • Preached enough on how we should live our lives.
  • Sold enough future generations into slavery.
  • Run our lives enough.
  • Created enough entitlements.
  • Distributed enough wealth.
  • Vilified making money enough–time to let it go.
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