Badges of Honor for the Liberty Minded

More Politicians Should Be Like Rand Paul! – Penn Point

Penn Jillette: Everyone is lambasting Rand Paul’s perspective on civil rights, but Penn shares why some editorials are actually singing his praises.

Something Jillette said at the start of the video stood out.

I’m not going to defend Rand Paul, I’m just not gonna. If you think I’m going to do something about his civil rights and that whole thing, I’m just not gonna do that. You’re not gonna get me with some racist tag.

Speaking out for freedom will definitely get you tagged with the worst labels available. You will get tagged as being in favor of abhorrent behaviors and the part about the right to be abhorrent ending where another’s rights begin will be ignored.

In online gaming, it’s a badge of honor to be called a cheater or child molester or be accused of incestuous behavior. If you’ve been tagged with any of these labels, you know you played well; the best players are called the worst things.

Badges of honor for the liberty minded include being described as immoral, racist, selfish, drug abuser, hatirot, teabagger, godless, and Nazi. If you’ve been labeled with any of these for speaking out for freedom, you are probably one of my heroes and a benefit to all who come into contact with you.

If you are going to be damned, considered it a badge of honor to be damned for being pro freedom.

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