Not Allowed List: Marijuana, Smoking Ads on TV, Gay Marriage

As an American, I’m proud that there are no religions banned in the US. Other countries do not hold the same respect for freedom as Americans. In Singapore, Jehovah’s Witnesses are banned, and in China, Falun Gong and Xiantianism are banned.

Falun GongIt only takes banning one religion to destroy freedom of religion. As soon as one religion is banned, two lists are created: the banned religion list, and by default, all the religions not on the banned list in turn become allowed religions.

The act of adding just one religion to a banned list tuned over authority of choosing a religion from the individual to the state. Even those who would never consider becoming a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses or Falun Gong had their freedom of religion taken away, because the right to a free choice was taken away.

This is not to say that America fully supports freedom. There are several lists of non-violent acts banned in America which in turn have created several lists of state approved activities. Marijuana, Smoking Ads on TV, and Gay Marriage are on separate banned lists in the US.

Alcohol, tobacco, betel nut, and caffeine product are the state approved lists of recreation drugs. Marijuana is on the controlled substance list along with heroin, ecstasy, LSD and…i’ts a long list.

No Smoking SignSmoking Ads are the only product banned from TV in the US; alcohol ads are allowed as long as the alcohol isn’t consumed. Everything else falls into on the approved list of advertisements created by the FCC.

Gay marriage is on the banned list along with polygamy, and incestuous marriage. Proponents of gay marriage would like to see it moved from the banned list to the allowed list which includes heterosexuals.

Rather that argue over what belongs on the banned or allowed list, we should just do away with the lists. Take away government’s power to approve what we do with our bodies, our minds, and how we choose to freely associate with one another.

The only list that’s really needed is one for government’s role. Approved activitiees for government  should only include protecting citizens from violent acts; everything else should go on the list of banned government activities.

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One thought on “Not Allowed List: Marijuana, Smoking Ads on TV, Gay Marriage”

  1. Step 1 in protecting citizens from violent acts: Remove causes of violence, such as alcohol, heroin, ecstacy…

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