Political Agreement Matrix

To break the hold of the US vs. Them mentality in politics, we’ve got to be able to spot the tactics used in political speech. Adjectives used in political speech are rarely used to offer insight into an issue, the intent usually being to promote an opinion.

It’s just simple marketing. Attach positive words with what you are promoting and repeat as often as possible. With enough positive or negative marketing , you’ll have others using similar adjectives to describe the products. The better the put-down, the more likely it will become a headline. Headlines are repeated without being read, and over time the opinion can turn into reality.

Political opinions are a mixture of marketing issues and parties at the same time.

Politicians X plan is intelligent, and its going to work. (agree with positive adjective – same team)

Politicians X plan is shockingly accurate, and its going to work. (agree with negative adjective – opposing team)

Politicians X plan is well-intentioned, and its not going to work. (disagree with positive adjective- same team)

Politicians X plan is extremist, and its not going to work. (disagree with negative adjective – opposing team)

None of the above statements are intended to sway the listener with supporting arguments or facts. The person isn’t trying to persuade with reason, but instead with simple positive and negative associations.

Another advantage to paying attention to the marketing adjectives is most people don’t come right out and announce their political affiliation, but the adjectives used offer insight into the political positions held by the speaker in relation to the subject.

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2 thoughts on “Political Agreement Matrix”

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  2. Interesting post, as I have been thinking a lot about this topic. In my meditation, I am asking how can you solve the world’s economic problems. What is the “root” of it all.

    I keep getting back- get rid of duality and you get rid of the economic problems. What does that mean. I’m still processing it, but when you think, what if the Right stopped bashing the Left? What if people woke up and saw that attack doesn’t solve anything. What if there was no attack, instead, door #3. What would happen. No problems being created so Lawyers could sue insurers, and or insurers could raise rates because of lawsuits. No Democratic Party blaming Republicans, and no Republicans blaming
    Denocrats. A 3rd party blaming nobody. Keep going with this thinking and what would happen. Just a thought.

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