To Bill Maher: The President is the most heavily armed person on Earth.

Bill Maher Jokes About Obama Not Being a ‘Real Black President’ With A Gun In His Pants

The US Presidency is a dangerous occupation; four out of forty-four Presidents have been assassinated and fourteen have had assassination attempts and plots. It would make sense for the President to carry a gun for self protection.

If the President did carry a gun, there would be an outcry that it makes the US look uncivilized. The objection would be that a President carrying a gun sends the message the US prefers violence to negotiation.

When you are packing thousands of nuclear weapons, commander of the US military, and have the CIA, FBI, and IRS under your command, you are already the most heavily armed person on Earth and do not need to show a gun.

President Obama is not any different from previous US Presidents that threaten to use their arsenal of weapons to settle disputes, sometimes following through on that threat. When you have the power to destroy entire countries or a person’s livelihood, its unnecessary to wield a gun to make the point you don’t won’t to mess with the President.

To libertarians the only justification for violence is in response to violence. The irony is a real libertarian President probably would carry a gun–and be the least likely to use or threaten to use the violent forces of the government towards US citizens and other countries.

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