War on Drugs Shenanigans: Free Drug Samples



California Gang Gives Away Free Samples Of Cocaine

Police in California are on the hunt for members of a local gang after they say they’ve begun targeting teens in the area by offering them free samples of cocaine and teaching them how to smoke it.

La Crescenta and northern Glendale police say a Hollywood area gang is swarming the area with the product and providing freebies to eager teens to up their clientele. The News Press reports that after giving the children the substance, the gang which has not been identified, would reportedly give the kids free lessons.

I call shenanigans for these reasons:

  • Very similar to the “strawberry quick handed to kids in school yards” myth.
  • Or the Drug dealers handing out LSD-laced tattoos of cartoon characters myth.
  • Originally the story was heroin being given away for free.
  • The gang is not mentioned, probably because it does not exist.
  • The reporter states “its happening allegedly in the Glendale area,” so no effort has been made to confirm the police statement.

It’s not impossible that drug samples might be given away for free; it’s just highly unlikely.

Chris Rock put it best:

“Drug dealers don’t sell drugs. Drugs sell themselves. It’s crack. It’s not an encyclopedia. It’s not a f**king vacuum cleaner.

You don’t really gotta try to sell crack. Ok? I’ve never heard a crack dealer going, ‘Man, how am I gonna get rid of all this crack?!'”

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