What is a Fusion Center, and why should I worry?

Free Talk Live Catherine Bleish talks about how the Feds have purchased the local police using grants.

A quick summery of Fusion Centers and the dangers they pose to civil liberties.

Bleish: This (fusion centers) is a back-door way that your local and state law enforcements are being both federalized and militarized. So now you have the Department of Homeland Security coming in sticking their fingers into your city police departments, into your state highway patrol. And it is getting individuals who are meant to keep the peace, it’s changing their focus to defending the homeland and the war on terror.

We visited the Phoenix fusion center; they actually said, ‘If you are planning a rally or an event in Phoenix or in Arizona they will run your name through the fusion centers databases with no criminal predicate,’ no reason whatsoever, just to check.

This may seem as not much to worry about, but imagine there were background checks on any of the other first amendment rights. How would you feel if going to a house of worship, posting an opinion online, or contacting an elected representative resulted in a background check?

When protected rights are considered suspicious terrorist activities, it’s time to start worrying.

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