Zombie Awareness Month: Political Zombies

Undead Nazi Zombies @ SMack! Halloween Fetish Ball 2009
Since May is the official Zombie Awareness Month of the Zombie Research Society, I’d like to draw attention to political zombies. Political zombie is a description applied to quickly dismiss all opposing views.

The Zombie label is where the name of this website originates. I found it ironic that both Democrats and Republicans dismiss each other with the zombie label without any awareness they were each others’ mindless zombie.

Republicans accuse Democrats of being Obama Zombies-infected with the Obama Zombie Virus, while Democrats refer to Republicans as Zombie-Con’s who caught their infection from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly, as with these examples.

Now, f-off and leave us alone with your faux-news propaganda. there are critical thinking people here, not mindless zombies like your faux news viewers and Rush Limbaugh listeners.

I don’t even think the mindless zombies who watch Olbermann’s show are dumb enough to believe that Olbermann and Snow were pen pals.

Each of these statements implies they would not watch the network or shows in question. If only mindless zombies watch network X, then the person making that statement either does not watch that network or is calling themselves a mindless zombie.

The irony is that people that feel the most comfortable labeling others as mindless, uneducated, ignorant, robots, brainwashed, and indoctrinated, are the most likely to boycott opposing views and opinions. They are completely unaware of the self imposed ignorance caused by only listening to views they agree with.

The true mindlessness is believing other people have been brainwashed and that makes their views irrelevant. Being able to vote in the political process makes all views relevant. Even if you think your neighbor is a complete idiot, they still get to vote and that makes even an idiot’s view relevant.

The choices are taking other views seriously and debating them vs. dismissing them as mindless zombies. Dismissing through name-calling does not change anyone’s mind; it makes those with opposing views angry and reinforces opposition to your views.

Sexy Brain Eating Zombie NurseI prefer my Zombies Uncensored.

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