Sexual Dislikes are not Chosen

I watched a documentary about pornography – The Price of Pleasure Pornography, Sexuality & Relationships.  The film makers claim the film is honest and non-judgmental; to me the main message was to point out that some people find pornography degrading to women. The film used similar arguments used by social conservatives to describe the homosexual agenda, in that cultural acceptance and normalcy of pornography is damaging perceptions about sex and several social problems can be attributed to pornography.

Both the anti-pornography and the anti-homosexual arguments say there is too much pornography or homosexuality promoted or viewed positively in popular culture. The underlying argument seems to be if a certain form of sexuality is promoted, then the sexuality will become more popular or at the least be seen as normal. Several questions come to mind – Who decides what a sexual perversion is? Why is it seen as a sexual perversion? Can sexual perversions be promoted?

I’m starting with the assumption that what people like sexually is not chosen–that sexual preference is biological. If what people like sexually is not chosen, then what people dislike sexually isn’t chosen either. Sexual dislikes can be equal biologically to likes. Example – the “two girls one cup” video was so distasteful that videos were made just showing viewers reaction to the movie.  When there were several viewers watching together, usually one person became ill and left the room, while others just sat and watched unaffected by what they were seeing. People that enjoy scat are a very small portion of the population. I imagine they did not choose or seek out enjoying scat. I don’t think anyone who becomes ill upon seeing scat videos chose their physical reaction either.

Over the years, I’ve watched several documentaries about swingers and group sex. In several of the documentaries were statements that if what they were doing didn’t appeal to you, then you were sexually repressed or prudish. I thought calling someone prudish because they didn’t share the same sexual proclivities was unfair; it may not be their cup of tea. Repeating from what I said earlier, sexual likes as well as dislikes are not chosen.

Openly expressing sexual preferences often enough might cause some people to become numb or just not shocked or surprised by it. For others openly expressing sexuality in public might always create a feeling of repulsion. Back to the “two girls one cup” example – I don’t believe I will ever react differently than I do right now and that means with revulsion.  I can’t control the urge to vomit; I’m not sexually repressed or prudish. If feces are present, my lunch will soon be present also.

I hope people will not judge others too harshly for their sexually likes and dislikes. As powerful as the media can be, it is not powerful enough to change human sexuality. Please don’t demonize sexual preferences you find repugnant for fear others will be persuaded to participate.

I would also ask you to keep in mind not everyone is comfortable with every form of sexual expression. Just because you can openly express sexuality in public doesn’t mean you should. I’d like to thank all with the scat fetish for keeping it private. I do not wish to see bowel movements become a social movement.

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