Animal Farm America Style

This commune is Twin Oaks Community. The video kinda implies the commune is something new, but its been around since 1967. Basically its a hippie commune that has survived 40+ years by firing non-productive members and becoming capitalist to keep it going. One of the founders,  Kathleen ‘Kat’ Kinkade, died July 3rd, 2008. The Washington Post has an article about Kat’s life here. From that article – “Although she was involved in founding two other income-sharing communities — in Missouri and Virginia — she told The Post in 1998 that communal life had not measured up to her expectations.”

“My mother was disappointed that Twin Oaks did not turn out to be the model for what the rest of our society would be,” said her daughter, Dr. Josie Kinkade of Louisa, Va. “When she found out that it was really just a nice place for some middle-class people to live, she was disappointed.”

This group reminds me of the polygamist communities that claim to be self-sufficient and yet receive state welfare. I didn’t find anything on their site about food stamps, but its a safe bet the residents qualify for government cheese. From Twin Oaks FAQ “Because of our income-sharing, our members often qualify for state-subsidized health care at medical facilities in the area.”

I imagine this commune’s revenues are down just as most business revenues are down. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some less-productive people asked to leave so a younger more productive person can take their place. If you are young and hardworking, they might have an opening on the slave-owned plantation.

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Bill Ayers on RussiaToday

Covers a lot of topics in 12 minutes. Mostly about building an antiwar movement.

Interesting view of how the left and right view Obama. Starts at 2:28 in video.

“One of the things that is misunderstood I think about President Obama is, he said all during the campaign. ‘I am a moderate, pragmatic, compromising politician.’  And people on the  right refuse to believe that to this day. They insist he is a secret Muslim, a secret Socialist, a secret terrorist of some kind. People on the left also distrust that statement and think secretly he is winking at them and that he has an agenda that’s to the left.”

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