Shoot the messenger – Fat Ones are Easy Targets

I was browsing through the latest topics on Crooks and Liars , and this topic about Candy Crowley Still Touting ‘Security Moms’ Nonsense stood out because the comments about Candy Crowley were pretty harsh. This comment on Crooks and Liars stood out to me.  “She is now a partisan hack”because I remember conservatives saying Crowley is  partisan over at NewsBusters in CNN’s Crowley: NY 23’s Hoffman the Choice of ‘Tea Bag Partyers?’

Comments from Crooks and Liars about Crowley using Conservative Talking Points:

“Security moms is a smoke screen for repub talking points!!”

“Candy loves her some uncheck republican talking points.”

Comment on Candy’s Weight:

“Rove is getting divorced , Porky Pig and Petunia here should get hooked up.”

Comments from NewsBusters about Crowley using Liiberal Talking Points:

“Please, bt. Candy Crowley? “Kisser”? Blehhhhhhhh! The “Mainstream” Media: By liberals. For liberals.”

“Their insults are simply a quick way to verify their ideology, they don’t get a rise out of me, either.”

Comment on Candy’s Weight:

“She hardly looks like a “Candy” anymore. She may have been ‘Candy’ material several decades ago but today she looks more like a bag of marshmellow [sic] peeps that got left on the truck dashboard in the hot sun and all the little eyes have run together.”

In Candy Crowley’s defense, it is her job to as a political correspondent to share her views. When you share political views, they are supposed to be your views with your own bias. There is insight gained from simply reporting different sides of issues, but that isn’t Crowley’s role all the time. Crowley is expected to draw upon two decades of covering elections and offer her own analysis.

Crowley is old and fat – to me that gives Crowley more credibility because you don’t see a lot of older, heavyset women on television news. That fact that Crowley is still on TV when so many other women are put out to pasture to me says someone finds her views valuable. Anderson Cooper words it much more eloquently than me: “She’s not the stereo typical political reporter, which, for me adds to her charm.”

Bill Ayers is pretty liberal from my point of view. Ayers described President Obama as a “moderate, pragmatic, compromising politician” and from Ayers far-left perspective, the President is a moderate. What I’ve gathered from comparing views from liberals and conservatives is partisanship is relative. It doesn’t matter where you own views fall in the left/right continuum–if someone’s view is to the left of your views they are liberals; if the views are to the right of yours, they are conservatives.

Because of the mindset “a view far from my own view is a very biased view,” I now have some sympathy for those in the media, because it seems you are damned if you and damned if you don’t. It doesn’t seem to matter what you say because you are bound to offend someone. I’m surprised after being attacked by both sides for being partisan she doesn’t just give up and go full tilt partisan because that’s where the money is.

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