Words and Phrases in Political Commentary and What They Really Mean

Don’t take political commentary at face value. This list explains the code for commonly used words and phrases in political commentary and what they really mean or are trying to say.

Biased – Holds views I would never entertain for a second.

Bipartisanship – My ideas are good ones and the opposition is partisan, because they don’t agree with me.

BrainwashedFundamentalist views different from my own fundamentalist views.

Change – From a politician, it means, “I’m not an incumbent.”

Code for – I take nothing they say at face value.

Conservative – Somewhere to the right of my views.

Cover-up – Not emphasizing what I think is important.

Democracy – My opinion is in the majority; in this case its OK for 51% of the people to tell the other 49% what to do.

Disinformation – You should listen to my bias, not the other side’s bias.

Extremist – The views farthest away from my own, and I consider them dangerous.

Face value – I’m about to take what they said and change it into something completely different.

Fascist – Picks on different groups than I pick on.

French – Effeminate.

Fundamentalist – They have strongly held, opposing views I consider dangerous.

Hates America – Political opponent pointed out something negative about America.

Ignorant – Prefers a different flavor of propaganda.

Indoctrination – They teach kids things I would not.

Informal – Secret.

Liberal – Somewhere to the left of my views.

Parrot – This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this and disagreed with it.

Profit – From liberals it means bad vs. from conservatives it means good.

Racist – An opponent who made any reference to race.

Radical – The views farthest away from my own.

Regular American – People that think the same way as I do.

Seems to suggest – Like the definitions on this list. I heard what they said but I know its code for.

Selfish – Not giving me what I want.

Serve the people – Should be doing only what I want.

Socialist – Somewhere to the left of me.

Spam – I didn’t agree with that the first time I heard it.

Stratigist – Bullshit artist, spin doctor.

Wingnut – Views so far from my own, I can’t discuss them and will instead call them names.

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If They Just Kept it From the Public, There is no Crime

Judge Andrew Napolitano explains the legal ramifications behind the emails between the Federal Reserve and AIG.

Lawyers with the Fed told AIG to withhold details of the money being lent to AIG, becasue AIG was handing billions over to Goldman Sachs.

The upsetting part in this is, as the Judge puts it, “If they just kept if from the public, there is no crime and Geithner may actually be commended for his political wisdom. If it was required to be reported in a document and not accurately reported, that would be the criminal event.”

Sneaking billions to the worlds richest investment bank is only considered a crime if the paperwork wasn’t filled out properly.

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Rush Limbaugh – Hypocritical Alert Level Orange

The left and right commentary today has turned into a hypocrite battle. There are lots of people sharing wishful thoughts for Limbaugh’s death. Then people starting saying how awful it is to wish someone dead. Which, of course, leads to the comparisons of times conservatives were wishing a liberal would die. The next phase is comparing each side to the other, each claiming the other side is more hateful.

The religious hypocrisy will be overlooked by both sides. Liberals will make fun of conservatives for praying for Limbaugh’s recovery or say it’s bad karma to hope someone dies. The conservatives will point out for liberals its OK to talk about karma, but not about prayer. In the end, they will both point out the political incorrectness of the other–and the funny thing is they are right about each other.

The battles between these groups are often the news story of the day. Their battles are even less newsworthy and less entertaining to me than Britney Spears and Kevin Federline battles. The only thing newsworthy about the group of political entertainers would be if they spoke with each other without resorting to ad hominems.

The crew of Rush Limbaugh, Keith Olbermann, Bill O’Reilly, Chris Matthews are more akin to the world of professional wrestling personalities than to journalists or reporters. They’ll put their face right up to the camera or microphone and angrily besmirch and then challenge their counterparts to wrestle. They all keep each other in business–just as Andre the Giant vs. Hulk Hogan battles made money for both wrestlers.

When Rush Limbaugh is back on the airwaves, we will hear this battle all over again. Rush Limbaugh will bring up all the death wishes and poke fun at the “caring and tolerant” liberals. Keith Olbermann will then drag out every clip available of Rush Limbaugh hoping someone else dies. The ball bounces over to Bill O’Reilly, who points out Keith Olbermann doing the same…and on and on it goes.

I don’t want Rush Limbaugh to die; I just want all attention paid to the news personalities’ battles with one another to die.

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Lil’ Obama

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEd-0rSF2IsPresidents Obama’s approval ratings have been going down. There has been a flood of negative comments about the President on the social news sites. It might be time for Comedy Central to start working on a Lil’ Obama show.

There should be enough material to work with. I see a running joke with Lil’ Obama wanting to grow up to be the President of the United States. Others poking fun at Lil’ Obama for believing a black man could ever get elected as President “Lil’ Sarah has a better chance of becoming President.”

The opening clip of the show could start with Lil’ Obama running through fields in Kenya. The clouds parting for light to shine on Lil’ Obama as he runs home pulls out a box of crayons and makes his own birth certificate.

There is a big cast of characters to work with for this show. Lil’ Orly Taitz would be there trying to prove Obama doesn’t live in the school district. Lil’ Chris Matthews would always be following Lil’ Obama around with heart balloons popping from Lil’ Chris’s chest when Lil’ Obama speaks. Lil’ Bill Ayers trying to talk the kids into setting off stink bombs in the school. Lil’ Glenn Beck always questioning if Lil’ Obama was following the schools rules. Lil’ Alex Jones trying to get Lil’ Obama to play “the Joker” in a school play.

When a fight breaks out at school, Lil’ Obama asks the kids fighting to come to his house for a Kool-Aid summit. Lil’ Rush and Lil’ O’Reilly warn the kids not to drink Lil’ Obama’s Kool-Aid because its spiked with something that turns you into socialists.

Another running joke is Lil’ Obama continuously working on an eighteen-point plan to clean up his room. The room, of course, is a huge mess left by the previous occupant, Lil’ Bush. Lil’ Obama continuously tries explaining to his mom why the room isn’t getting cleaner. Lil’ Obama reminds his mom the mess is really Lil’ Bush’s fault, and comes up with new definitions of the word “clean.” In the end, his mom gives Lil’ Obama a gold medal for trying.

The time is now for Lil’ Obama!

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You might be a Aryan, Racist, Birther, Fanatic if…

This video reminds me of Jeff Foxworthy –”You might be a redneck if”  jokes. If you are against government health care reform, you might be an Aryan, racist, birther, fanatic.

I’m against government health care reform/takeover and against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. So in Jeff Foxworthy speak – I might be:  an isolationist, Aryan, pinko, racist, unpatriotic, birther, terrorist sympathizer, militia member.

The goal is simple; pile on the straw-man attacks until people are afraid to speak out for fear they’ll be labeled an extremist.

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Bill Ayers on RussiaToday

Covers a lot of topics in 12 minutes. Mostly about building an antiwar movement.

Interesting view of how the left and right view Obama. Starts at 2:28 in video.

“One of the things that is misunderstood I think about President Obama is, he said all during the campaign. ‘I am a moderate, pragmatic, compromising politician.’  And people on the  right refuse to believe that to this day. They insist he is a secret Muslim, a secret Socialist, a secret terrorist of some kind. People on the left also distrust that statement and think secretly he is winking at them and that he has an agenda that’s to the left.”

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