Did CNN Fake Gulf War Story? Nope.

I stumbled across this YouTube video of former CNN reporter Charles Jaco during the Gulf War. The rumor that the video was fake has been floating around the internet for some time.

Charles Jaco CNN 1990 Persian Gulf War

The poster on YouTube said, “Google his name and read the results.”  There were so many Google hits labeling this video fake, I thought I would save others some time searching for the answers.

At first glance, I thought the video had been faked, but after digging into it, they were really just shooting on the roof of the hotel at night. What appears to be a studio blue screen is really just the color of the hotel where they were shooting.

Charles Jaco sent an email to several blogs that mentioned the video.

First the facts of the case: our coverage was on the roof of a hotel and military facility near the intersection of the two main runways at the Dhahran Air Base, Western Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The plywood background was erected as a guard against sand and wind storms. The clowning around on the video is just that. We used black humor to deflect the tension of covering SCUD missile assaults.

If you look at 1:36 in the video, you can see what appears to be a small satellite dish. Here is the frame, the bottom edge of the satellite dish is between the crewman’s hand the wall just above the electrical cord. Using a satellite dish outside makes sense; inside a studio using a satellite dish does not make sense.

If there was any question if Jaco was really in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War, I think this video answers that question. At two minutes in the video, you can tell its being shot outside.

Jaco in Dhahran

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How ‘Ellie Light’ Came to Light


Kudos to Sabrina Eaton

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Name-calling is Fun and Entertaining – and Drowning Debate: The Jon Stewart / Keith Olbermann Saga

Here is Keith Olbermann’s response to Jon Stewart over Olbermann’s namecalling towards Scott Brown. At the end, Keith Olbermann says “You’re right. I have been a little over the top lately. Point taken. Sorry.”


The ad hominem spam in political discussion is so abundant it’s become an issue unto itself. Unemployment and a shrinking economy have to take a backseat to political pundits personal views of others. To quote Stewart on this subject, “Stop, stop, stop, stop hurting America.” (Jon Stewart on CNN’s Crossfire)

The irony is that at the end of the Crossfire video, Jon Stewart gets sucked into the namecalling by calling Tucker Carlson a “dick.” I’m not defending Olbermann; calling someone a “dick” is a far cry from calling someone “an irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, tea-bagging supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees.”

The namecalling is so loud now its drowning out debate about the issues. Most political talk these days is focused on getting the best dig in and not the best point across. The king of the hill battle to arouse prejudices needs to die down. It would be an improvement for Olbermann to refer to Scott Brown as a “dick” next time.

Even when you are well aware of the damage caused by personal attacks, it’s easy to get drawn into the battle. It takes a great deal of self-discipline not to reach for the flamethrower when attacked or when there is a strong disagreement on an issue.

To teach themselves some self-discipline and so someone can benefit, the pundits should put up their own swear jar. Each time they drift away from the issue at hand and go with the personal attacks, they have to throw some money in the jar to be donated to charity.

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Secret Test – Military Drones being readied for Law Enforcement in AMERICA


Ok…I’m officially a conspiracy nut now. There have been police helicopters for years, but using the same tools and tactics used to fight terrorism on US citizens is scary.

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Congressmen Ron Paul and Anthony Weiner On Massachusetts Election Results

Ron Paul “What the people are upset about is the government can no longer function”

Anthony Weiner on Ron Paul “I’m not sure he’s in touch with the mothership”


Weiner evidently didn’t understand the anger message from the election results. I’m sure the hounds will be released shortly.

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Scott Brown Defends Role In Romneycare – Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t


Scott Brown is running in the special election to replace U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy next Tuesday.

Scott Brown voted in favor of health care for all (Romneycare) in Massachusetts.

Here is Neil Cavuto questioning Brown about the vote to pass Romneycare. Listen for the Freudian slip at the very end of the clip.

“People have lost face in the process”

Republican Scott Brown having to own up for supporting failed government mandated health care has lost face in the process.

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Big Pharma Pushing Hard For Health Care Bill


Big pharmaceutical companies are donating heavily to Martha Coakley. If Coakley wins the special election to replace U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy on Tuesday, Coakley will vote for the passage of the health care reform bill. Pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t be backing Coakley if they didn’t stand to gain from passage of health care reform.

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If They Just Kept it From the Public, There is no Crime

Judge Andrew Napolitano explains the legal ramifications behind the emails between the Federal Reserve and AIG.

Lawyers with the Fed told AIG to withhold details of the money being lent to AIG, becasue AIG was handing billions over to Goldman Sachs.

The upsetting part in this is, as the Judge puts it, “If they just kept if from the public, there is no crime and Geithner may actually be commended for his political wisdom. If it was required to be reported in a document and not accurately reported, that would be the criminal event.”

Sneaking billions to the worlds richest investment bank is only considered a crime if the paperwork wasn’t filled out properly.

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Mass Media Should Convert to Journalism

I watch political talk shows to hear about politics. I don’t tune in to find out a pundit’s personal likes or dislikes or religious beliefs or views of other pundits or anything outside of politics. It makes sense for sport shows, celebrity shows and general news shows to follow The Tiger Woods drama. Tiger Woods rarely talks about politics, so how is this a political story?


It is bizarre how all the political talk shows spend so much time covering Tiger Woods affairs when the story has nothing to do with politics. Now it has become more bizarre after Brit Hume’s call for Tiger Woods to convert to Christianity. In this video are political pundits weighing on Hume’s religious views about Woods. What does Brit Hume’s religious advice have to do with politics? This guilty pleasure story–a story pundits should not have been covering in the first place–has turned into a new story about political pundits views and how pundits view other pundits.

Message to all political pundits – when it its a slow news day in politics, just go for the old tried and true political issues. Talk about abortion, tax rates, health care, the war of 1812: something at least in the realm of politics.

It’s just sad the pundits can’t resist stories about infidelity, money or other political pundits. There will no doubt be hours of debate about Brit Hume’s statement, inevitably leading to another pundit outdoing Hume’s controversial statement creating another “news” story.

Thank you fourth branch, for keeping an eye on all the important issues.

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What is Boko Haram?


Obaid Karki is one of those people that gets labeled as a kook or mindless zombie by others. Obaid can be difficult to follow as he tends to jump from subject to subject without much transition. I find the views of a self described Outcast, Underdog, Diogenesist, Libertarian, Kabbalist, Spinoziste, Pantheon, Hexalingual, Automath somewhat alien, but an alien view is why I take the effort to listen.

The gem from this video is the the Delta/Northwest Airlines Christmas Day terrorist Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab may not be a member of Al Qaeda but instead a member of Boko Haram. I have no way of confirming Obaid’s claim that the terrorist is a member of Boko Haram is true. It seems very plausible Boko Haram is behind this attack because this homegrown Nigerian militant Islamist group finds western education and science evil and Umar Farouk Abdul Mutalla grew up in Nigeria.

Having never heard of Boko Haram before, I think Obaid has a point about media tagging Al Qaeda to the story. Al Qaeda to me means “those evil guys that hate us and want to kill us” and Al Qaeda is more likely to grab my attention and scare me.

Its important to know which group is behind terrorist attacks and why they are attacking. I can see this latest terrorist attack being used as an excuse to increase US military presence in other parts of the world instead of addressing the real masterminds. Edit – Senator Lieberman calls for ‘preemptive’ attack on Yemen

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