What is Boko Haram?


Obaid Karki is one of those people that gets labeled as a kook or mindless zombie by others. Obaid can be difficult to follow as he tends to jump from subject to subject without much transition. I find the views of a self described Outcast, Underdog, Diogenesist, Libertarian, Kabbalist, Spinoziste, Pantheon, Hexalingual, Automath somewhat alien, but an alien view is why I take the effort to listen.

The gem from this video is the the Delta/Northwest Airlines Christmas Day terrorist Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab may not be a member of Al Qaeda but instead a member of Boko Haram. I have no way of confirming Obaid’s claim that the terrorist is a member of Boko Haram is true. It seems very plausible Boko Haram is behind this attack because this homegrown Nigerian militant Islamist group finds western education and science evil and Umar Farouk Abdul Mutalla grew up in Nigeria.

Having never heard of Boko Haram before, I think Obaid has a point about media tagging Al Qaeda to the story. Al Qaeda to me means “those evil guys that hate us and want to kill us” and Al Qaeda is more likely to grab my attention and scare me.

Its important to know which group is behind terrorist attacks and why they are attacking. I can see this latest terrorist attack being used as an excuse to increase US military presence in other parts of the world instead of addressing the real masterminds. Edit – Senator Lieberman calls for ‘preemptive’ attack on Yemen

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